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Rebel the Racking Horse March 13, 2007

Meet Rebel. He's 9 years old. He was donated to the Rescue Farm over a year ago. The farm is in Cumming, GA. We take in needy and unwanted horses regularly. This is just one special case.
Rebel was trained well and shown in Racking horse classes. The previous owner called Rebel a World Famous Horse but Rebel was injured. The local owner stopped by the farm to talk about Rebel's injury. He described it to me as proud flesh from a wound. He told me Rebel's leg had fallen through a wooden bridge and Rebel was stuck in the bridge for 3 days. Does this mean people watched him stuck in a bridge for 3 days or that no one checked him for 3 days? I don't have that answer.

What I do know is Rebel's leg needed help. The owner brought Rebel to the rescue farm to show me the injury. He said he had taken him to a local veterinarian but the injury was still bad. He unloaded the horse from the trailer, handed me the lead rope and said, "He's yours." I didn't need another horse, especially one that needed vet bills added to regular care. I couldn't believe what I was looking at. Rebel needed help desperately.

Dr. Ken Marcella x-rayed the injury and said it was about 8 months old. He was disappointed because he was hoping the bones were not yet fused and we had room to change the angle of his fetlock joint. The only thing we could do was have a custom made shoe made to keep his foot landing flat. Our farrier forged a shoe and Rebel walked pretty well but keeping the shoe on was a real problem. Different things were tried to keep the shoe on so we just left him barefoot.

Rebel is a very sweet horse. He tugs at the hearts of the volunteers and visitors alike but he especially got deep into the heart of long time volunteer, Kathy. Kathy went on a mission of finding help for Rebel. She asked Veterinarians at Vet schools in the South to look at his x-rays. Then hope came from North Carolina but after the surgeon took a closer look, he referred Rebel's x-rays to Dr Dean Richardson at New Bolton. (Dr Richardson was the surgeon that operated and cared for Barbaro).

When Dr Richardson agreed to do the surgery, arrangements were made for Rebel to go to Pennsylvania. You may be wondering the estimated does $7000. sound? That doesn't include transport to and from Georgia. That's only an estimate! It could go higher. Surgery was scheduled for yesterday, Tuesday, March 13, 2007. Kathy flew up on Monday so she could be there to make Rebel feel comfortable and because she cares for Rebel so much. He doesn't know what his biggest fan had done for him. She never gave up, never took "NO" for an answer. All he knows is he is at a new barn and Kathy is there to love and groom him. An emergency came in Tuesday morning so Rebel's surgery was rescheduled for today, Wednesday, March 14. Hold tight and wait for an update!
If you have an extra dollar or two you won't miss, please donate to Rebel's costs at Paypal

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Paxten said...

I'm praying for you Rebel, Kathy and Cheryl!!!!

I’m a volunteer at the rescue and just wanted to further share how wonderful Rebel is. He is so patient and sweet. You know he’s not comfortable, and probably in pain, but he has never bitten or struck anyone working on his leg or asking for something that is difficult for him. He loves to give kisses and accept any love you’ll give him. He is truly a remarkable animal.

Kathy has dedicated so much time and care for him...without her heart, Rebel’s days would have been numbered. On top of what she has done for Rebel, she is also always willing to help those of us still learning the ropes or panicking about something silly.  Her husband Larry is equally dedicated to helping the horses and us volunteers. They are wonderful and deserve our support!

Of course, without Cheryl and all of her dedication, none of this would be possible, and who knows what would have happened to our beautiful rebel. Thank you Cheryl!

If you are able, please consider donating to help cover the cost of Rebel’s surgery and care. No amount is too small. Hopefully you’ll be able to come out and meet him for yourself and see just how worthwhile this venture and work really is.