Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Update After Surgery

The picture at the right was taken at the rescue barn before Rebel left for New Bolton. It is a picture of his guardian angels, Kathy and Larry and the other guardian angel (circle above and left of Rebel). Believe what you want to believe.

OK, now the Update.

Rebel has a cast on his leg from the knee down. You can not see his hoof but he is not in pain. A bone and bone marrow was also taken from his hip to add to the bone removed during surgery. He walked down the isle and went into his stall. He happily eat grain and hay. Kathy stayed and visited him after surgery. Dr. Richardson said the surgery went well. Rebel's bones were much stronger than he expected. The surgery lasted several hours but the outcome looks good for Rebel. He may not be perfect but his foot will now step more correctly. He will be much more comfortable. He may need a special shoe but that will be determined later. Rebel will stay in this cast for about 2 weeks. Once the new cast is put on and he looks like everything is healing well, he can come home. Oh, the anxiety for us humans.

Rebel acts like this is just another day...for him it may seem that way but we know it is really series of better days and better years for Rebel and all who love him.

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